Classmates Marathi Movie Trailer

It is always a good idea to repeat the successful formula. I guess Classmate does the same! I mean, it is not Duniyadari 2, but look at the trailer, it seems to be filmed in the same environment.

There are two trailers of Classmates. You can see the introduction of important characters in the first trailer. The second trailer of Classmates starts with an announcement from a topori student, who is Ankush Choudhari (Satya). Sai Tamhankar (Appu) is his sidekick. Ankush Choudhari makes the announcement of shutting down his own collage, when the lectures are going on, just like he do in Duniyadari! Sai Tamhankar is secretly in love with Ankush Choudhari, but she has not expressed her love yet. Sonalee Kulkarni (Aditi) is a romantic girl, who likes to enjoy every small moment in her life. Sachit Patil (Rohit) is an ambitious, sophisticated person. Sachit Patil falls in love with Sonalee Kulkarni. This is where they make their film more complicated.

Classmates Trailer
Classmates Marathi Movie Trailer

Simple girl Sonalee Kulkarni sees her love in a tapori boy, as they always do. You can see her saying Ankush Choudhari that, ‘Whenever she will look back to her life, Ankush Choudahri will be the first one to be remembered’. Sai Tamhankar is still afraid to express her love. She gets confused whenever Ankush Choudhari comes in front of her. Meanwhile, when Ankush and Sonalee come together, Sachit Patil gets hurt! He do not like consolation prize! He wants revenge now! Two groups come in front of each other. What happens next? Who is admitted in the hospital? As they show in the last scene!

Watch “Classmates” in cinema halls to know more! Aditya Sarpotdar is the director of this movie. Classmate will release on 16th January 2015. My ratings for the trailer are at the end of this post. You can also submit your ratings. Watch the movie and let me know, how it was? By the way, don’t you think they are little bit over aged for this kind of roles?

Watch Classmates Trailer (Marathi Movie)

Trailer 1 – Introduction of Classmates

Trailer 2 – Storyline of Classmates

I forgot Shushant Shelar (Ani). It seems that he is in this movie just for some comedy. I think Ankush Choudhari is the only actor in Marathi Film industry currently, who has the potential to be a star. He should get more lead roles.