Garva Marathi Album All Songs

Garva is a superhit Marathi album by Milind Ingle and Saumitra. This album includes seven songs in total. The title song ‘Garva’ is in two versions. A generation of Marathi people in last decade have their memories attached with the songs in this album. ‘Garva’ is a very very romantic song. This song brings you the memories and feelings of your first love. I like all the songs from Garva.

Garva Marathi Album – All Songs

You can listen all the songs from Garva in a single video. The list of songs from Garva is given below.

Garva Marathi Album Songs List

1) Garva
2) Rimjhim Dhun
3) Gaar Vara Ha Bharara
4) Punha Pavsala Sangayche
5) Jhada Khali Baslele
6) Paus Datlela
7) Garva (version 2)

Garva Marathi Album Listen All Songs

I have gave the list of songs in this album. Now I am giving you the starting time of each song respectively.
00.02 / 04.43 / 10.09 / 14.50 / 19.40 / 26.29 / 34.41