Govyachya Kinaryav Song, Lyrics, Actors

Govyachya Kinaryav is the most popular Marathi song of the year 2018. The song is composed by Pravin Koli and Yogita Koli and presented by Pravin Koli and Jayashri Kumar Divekar. There are two official versions of the music video of this song. In one version, you can see the singers of Govyachya Kinaryav, Shubhangi Kedar and Rajneesh Patel. The other version of this song is filmed on Suhrud Wardekar and Sidhhi Patne.

Gonvyachya Kinaryav Song
Govyachya Kinaryav Song on YouTube

The song is directed by Suhrud Wardekar himself. Govyachya Kinaryav currently has more than 70 million views on YouTube. The song was originally released in late 2017, but its official music video was released on 14th February 2018.

Govyachya Kinaryav Song offical Music Video

New Music Video

Old Music Video

Govyachya Kinaryav Song Lyrics

You can read the lyrics of this song in the comment section below the offical music video on YouTube. The first few lines are,

Haiyya Ho..

Ruperi Valu, Soneri Lata

Tyav Majha Vharak Taratay

Kone Deshi Neu, Kone Gavi Neu

Sang Tujhe Manan Kay Ghartay

Govyachya Kinaryav Actors

The song was orinally filmed on singers Shubhangi Kedar and Rajneesh Patel. Then in the next release of this song it was flimed on Suhrud Wardekar and Sidhhi Patne.