Hello! Marathi Song, Album by Vaishali Samant and Manasi Naik

‘Hello’ is a new Marathi song by Vaishali Samant which is performed by Manasi Naik. Sagarika Bam directed this song and Sagarika Music launched this Marathi album. This beautiful song is composed on western beats. You can listen this song on the official YouTube channel of Sagarika Music.

Interview with Vaishali Samant and Sagarika Bam on Marathi album ‘Hello’

Interview with Manasi Naik on Marathi Album ‘Hello’

‘Hello’ is the main song in this Marathi album called ‘Hello’. This song has two versions, Barbee and Ginger.

Hello Marathi Song (Barbee)

Hello Marathi Song (Ginger)

When Panjabi songs were dominating Indian pop music, Vaishali Samant and Avdhoot Gupte made Marathi based popular Hindi songs, like Aika Dajiba and Meri Madhubala. Ajay-Atul made Marathi songs more popular with their divine music. I personally like this new trend in Marathi music. I hope this trend will continue. Marathi is a very beautiful language. This type of music will give Marathi a global perspective. I think We should say “Hello” to new music in Marathi.