Honar Sun Mi Hya Gharchi Song and Cast

Honar Sun Mi Hya Gharchi is a serial on Zee Marathi channel. It is a love story between a bright young man who belongs to a rich family and a sensitive, caring lower middle class girl. Shree lives with his grand mother, mother and aunts. Shree is their life. Shree’s happiness is their first priority. He is the owner of Gokhale Gruhaudyog. Janhavi works in a bank. Shree falls in love with Janhavi. He hides his true identity from her. She begins to recognize him as an accountant. They start meeting at a common bus stop. Eventually, Janhavi realizes her love for Shree.

Honar Sun Mi Hya Gharchi
Honar Sun Mi Hya Gharchi on Zee Marathi

Janhavi is one very simple girl. She lives with her father, step mother and step brother. Her step mother is a greedy women. She would prefer money more than Janhavi’s happiness. She want Janhavi to marry anyone but rich. She tries to arrange Janhavi’s marriage with a crook person. But then she accepts Shree as her would be son in law, when she come to know that he belongs to a rich family. Shree’s grand mother do not like the overall behaviour of Janhavi’s family, but she accepts Janhavi for Shree’s happiness. She secretly decides to leave her house, when Janhavi will enter in that house as Shree’s wife. What happens next? Watch Honar Sun Mi Hya Gharchi form Monday to Saturday at 8.00 pm. on Zee Marathi.

Honar Sun Mi Hya Gharchi Cast 

Serial Name                             Real Life Name

Shree                                       Shashank Ketkar
Janhavi                                     Tejashree Pradhan

(More cast will be added as we get more details)

Honar Sun Mi Hya Gharchi Song – Tu Mala Mi Tula 

Music by Nilesh Moharir.
Lyrics by Manndar Cholkar.
Singers are Mangesh Borgoankar & Savaniee Ravindra.

Honar Sun Mi Hya Gharchi Title Song