Lai Bhaari Marathi Movie Review

Yesterday, I saw Lai Bhaari with my friends. All the shows of this movie were getting houseful from Friday. I have to book my tickets 6 hours earlier. Those who directly came for the movie went back with a disappointment. The weekend business of Lai Bhaari in Maharashtra is – Friday 3.10 cr, Saturday 3.60 cr, Sunday 3.85 cr. Total: ₹ 10.55 cr. I hope producers have recovered all their investments.

I am not going to tell you the important part of the story. Let’s see what can I tell you about this movie! This is the story of a royal family. King (Uday Tikekar) is a good human being who always thinks about his people, but unfortunately the queen (Tanvi Azmi) is infertile. She considers herself responsible for all the shame that king has to face in the community. Her maid leads her on a devotional way to Pandharpur. Vitthal fulfils her wish, but there are consequences too.

Lai Bhaari
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“Vitthal Vitthal” is the first song in this movie and it is at the very beginning. Then comes our Marathi hero Riteish Deshmukh (Prince) with the song “New Nava Tarana” which seems to be filmed in London. When Riteish comes back to India, he falls in love with a girl that he met in a marriage. “Jeev Bhulala” song shows the development of their love. “Aala Holicha Sar Lai Bhaari” song is after the interval. Surprize! Genelia also appears in this song! “Ye Na Saajna” song has filmed on Radhika Apte and Sharad Kelkar. This is the last song in this movie.

Sharad Kelkar is in the negative character. He is the cousin of Prince. He wants all the property for his own good instead of benefiting the villagers which King and Prince were willing to do. People in the theater go crazy on the entry of Riteish, Genelia and Salman. Salman gives Riteish some love lessons. It is very nice to see Salman talking in Marathi language. Note that Salman Khan’s mother is Marathi and he understands Marathi. He can even speak Marathi quite well.

That’s all from me! This is my review for Lai Bhaari. I do not want to express my opinions yet. I would write detailed review next month. Till then, if you want to feel the energetic environment in the cinema hall, you should book the tickets for this movie.

Lai Bhaari Movie Trailer

I am very very happy that Marathi movie has got such a tremendous response! I hope more big bidget Marathi movies would come in the future!