Marathi Balgeet Video Songs

Marathi people have their childhood memories attached with Marathi Balgeet. There are some evergreen Marathi songs for children, like “Nach Re Mora”, “Mamachya Gavala Jauya”, “Sang Sang Bholanath” that everyone knows. We have listened popular Marathi Balgeet in our primary school. Then eventually everyone got their own cassette player and CD player. I had 3-4 cassettes of Marathi Balgeet.

Marathi Balgeet
Marathi Balgeet

Today, people are using internet. They can listen, watch Marathi Balgeet whenever they want on their laptop, tablet or mobile phone. My 2 years old niece watch Marathi Balgeet on mobile phone. She can sing all those songs very well. I recorded her voice on my mobile and now I listen Marathi Balgeet in her voice. You can search for Marathi Balgeet on YouTube.

Watch Marathi Balgeet Video on YouTube

Parents search Marathi Balgeet on internet to show them to their children. You can watch following 7 Marathi Balgeet in the video below. If you are looking for some other song, you can search for it on YouTube.

1. Nach Re Mora

2.Sasa To Sasa 
3.Kil Bil Pakshi Bolati 
4.Mamacha Gavala Jauya 
5.Gori Gori Paan 
6.Saang Saang Bholanath 
7.Eka Makdane Kadhlay Dukan