Marathi Rap Songs by Pradeep Kashikar

Have you heard Marathi Rap song before? No!? Then here I present the video of Pradeep Kashikar, the first Marathi rapper (as he says in his songs). He presented this Marathi Rap song on “India’s Got Talent” (Season 2) stage. I love this Marathi Rap song and I am sure you will also like it!

Marathi Rap Song Videos (Rapper – Pradeep Kashikar)

You liked it? Now let’s watch his next Marathi Rap song.

Hey! you want to listen more Marathi Rap by him!? Watch it!

You heard some excellent Marathi Rap songs by Pradeep Kashikar. These are the 3 Marathi Rap song videos of him. Unfortunately, because of money and tendency of the people, there is very less scope for a talent in India. I wish good luck for his future path. Want to follow him? Here is the Facebook page of Pradeep Kashikar