Moruchi Mavshi Marathi Natak

Moruchi Mavshi is a super hit Marathi Natak (Marathi Play) of Vijay Chavan, Prashant Damle and Pradeep Patvardan. Moruchi Mavshi directed by Mangesh Kadam. This Marathi play is written by Acharya Atre. It is a story of three friends. They live together as paying guests. Bhaiya and Moru are in love with two beautiful girls. The third room mate Bandya plays a female part for a theatre group.

Moruchi Mavshi
Moruchi Mavshi – Marathi Natak

When Moru’s aunt decides to come for a visit, Bhaiya and Moru call the girls to give her company. But Moru’s aunt cancels her visit and so Bhaiya and Moru implore Bandya to play the role of his aunt. Bandya uses his theatre experience to help his friends. He becomes Moru’s aunt. Bhaiya’s uncle and the uncle of those girls fall in love with Moru’s aunt, who is actually Bandya. Eventually, real aunt comes to visit Moru with her niece. Her niece happens to be Bandya’s love. Moruchi Mavshi is one very entertaining comedy Natak. You can watch this Marathi play on YouTube.

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