Natsamrat Movie Trailer

Marathi movie Natsamrat is released today all over Maharashtra. I have not seen the movie yet. I did not see or read the play either. But I do remember that, there was a chapter from Natsamrat in my Marathi school book.

I have seen the Natsmart trailer, that you can watch in this article. I have also watched the several interviews that Nana and Mahesh gave to various Tv channels. So I do know the basic theme of the movie.

Natsamrat Movie Trailer
Natsamrat Marathi Movie Trailer

The movie is adopted from the Marathi play written by Kusumagraj. It is a story of a great theatre artist. After dedicating his entire life for art, when he eventually retires, his fame fades away.  He was so busy as an artist, that he never even had time for his family. Now when he retires, his family do not have time for him. Natsamrat is a story of a great artist’s struggle to find his place in this world as a common man.

Watch Natsamrat Marathi Movie Trailer

Natsmart Movie Release Date – 1 January 2016 

The trailer of the movie is good. Mahesh Manjarekar has directed the film. I personally think that, the role of Natsamrat should have been given to Vikram Gokhale, as I have seen his performance in Anumati and he is a great actor. Nana Patekar should have been in the friend’s role. But anyways, that’s just my personal opinion. Do watch the movie in Cinema Halls!