Salman Khan in Marathi Movie Lai Bhaari, Video

It is no more secret that Salman Khan is playing a cameo role in Riteish Deshmukh’s upcoming Marathi movie Lai Bhaari. Recently, Riteish Deshmukh made it clear on Twitter that Salman Khan never approached him for a role but he graciously offered to be a part of Lai Bhaari. Riteish expressed his respect for Salman Khan. Fans were expecting to see Salman Khan in the Trailer of Lai Bhaari, but Salman Khan’s scene was not included in the trailer. This was disappointing for Salman Khan’s fans.

Salman Khan in Marathi Movie
Salman Khan in Marathi Movie Lai Bhaari

Everyone was waiting for Lai Bhaari Salman Khan. But now there is good news! Mumbai Film Company has released the Lai Bhaari teaser introducing Salman Khan as Bhau. Both Salman and Riteish are “Talli” in this scene. Salman Khan is in Marathi gate-up. Riteish asks Salman, ‘Have you ever loved bro?’ Salman first smiles and then he starts crying. Salman says, ‘Ask me when I have not?’. Then he says Riteish, ‘Give her my love bro’. Riteish says, ‘Give her my love too’. Salman asks with a surprise, ‘Who bro?’. Riteish says, ‘She, that new one! Superb bro!’ Salman says with a smile on his face, ‘Mine is superb too bro’. The background music for this scene is from the song ‘New Nava Tarana’.

Salman Khan’s mother is Marathi. I have seen him talking Marathi before in an interview for a Marathi news channel. He understands Marathi very well and Salman speaks Marathi pretty good. He has his unique pronunciation of Marathi words. Watch Salman Khan for the first time in a Marathi Movie.

Watch Salman Khan in Marathi Movie Lai Bhaari

I think “New Nava Tarana” song from the movie Lai Bhaari has been filmed on Salman Khan and Riteish Deshmukh. Music to this song is given by Ajay-Atul. The singer is Kunal Ganjawala. I will add more Salman Khan’s videos from the movie Lai Bhaari, as they becomes available on YouTube.