Sur tech chedita – Marathi Song

Sur tech chedita – Information

Sur tech chedita is a evergreen popular Marathi song filmed on famous Marathi actor Ramesh Dev and actress Seema. This song is from movie “Aparadhi”. This movie is released in the year 1969. The lyrics of this song written by Madhusudan Kalelkar and music is composed by N. Datta. Mahendra Kapoor sung this song.

Sur tech chedita – Lyrics

Sur tech chedia, geet umatale nave
aaj labhale sakhi, saukhya je mala have

Abol prit baharli, kali haluch umalali
vedana sukhavali, hasali tuzyasave

ekata tari smruti, tuzyach ya sabhovati
bolalo kase kiti, shabda shabda aathave

Sur tech Chedita – Video

In this video you can watch Remesh Dev playing Piano and dancing. This song is from the black and white Marathi movie “Aparadhi” released in 1969.