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Uncha Maza Zoka Information

Uncha Maza Zoka is the daily serial on Zee Marathi Tv Channel. The main character of this serial is Ramabai Ranade (Born – 25 January 1862), popular India social worker and women’s right activist. The role of Ramabai (as a child) is played by Tejashree Walavalkar. As Ramabai is grown up in this serial, now Spruha Joshi is playing this role. This serial takes us back 150 years, when women had no any rights in the society. India was ruled by British Empire. Rama get’s married to Mahadev Govind Ranade at the age of 11 to the 31 years old Nyaymurti Mahadev Govind Ranade. Nyaymurti Ranade was a social reformer and author. He encouraged Ramabai to take education despite of protest from society and family.

Uncha Maza Zoka Cast

Cast : Sharad Ponkshe, Shailesh Datar, Kavita Lad, Tejashree Walwalkar, Spruha Joshi Vikram Gaikwad, Shrikant Moghe

Directed By : Viren

Produced By : Piccola films

Episodes of Uncha Maza Zoka Online

All the episodes of Uncha Maza Zoka are available online on india.com and YouTube

Uncha Maza Zoka – Full Song Online

This is the full song of Uncha Maza Zoka on YouTube.