Watch Pawn Stars in Marathi

Pawn Stars is my favourite show on History Tv18. This is the reality show filming daily activities in the only family owned Pawn shop in Las Vegas. Gold & Silver Pawn shop is run by three generations of Harrison family; Richard Harrison (Old Man), his son Rick Harrison and Rick’s son Corey Harrison. They buy anything with historical importance and sell it to collectors. Austin Russell (Chumlee) is Corey’s childhood friend. He also works with Corey in his Pawn shop.

Pawn Stars in Marathi
Watch Pawn Stars in Marathi

Pawn Stars is one very entertaining and informative reality show. People bring different kind of things to the Pawn shop. Experts tell us the historical importance and story behind those things. Making profit out of them is the main intention of Harrison family. Chumlee’s childishness and funny moments make this show more entertaining.

History Tv18 shows Pawn Stars in Marathi language. If you have Dish or any DTH service, you can select Marathi as the language at the time of watching Pawn Stars. You can also watch Pawn Stars in Marathi on the official YouTube channel of History Tv18.

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